Stamping Unit, Welded Assemblies and Subassemblies, Vehicle Bodies (cabins for the automotive industry), telecommunications and electric-electronics, with presses of up to 2,000 tons. Located in Diadema, São Paulo, which is a representative industrial pole of São Paulo, DELGA owns large facilities that are fully adequate for medium and large scale Stamping in welded assemblies.      

Its privileged location allows a quick and easy access to the Port of Santos, and to major highways to other States, significantly easing the logistical operations for receiving and sending its products. The steel mills are the main suppliers of the raw material, with pre-established dimensions, which provides quality and competitiveness in the pricing policy produtos.                        

As usinas siderúrgicas são as principais fornecedoras de matéria-prima, com cotas pré-estabelecidas, o que proporciona qualidade e competitividade na política de preços.    

This unit for medium and large size stamping started its activities for more than 60 years ago, and since then the unit is exceeding its goals and overcoming challenges to achieve the recognition and the leadership in its segment. The facility is located in Ferraz de Vasconcelos, São Paulo, in an area of 87,000 m²s.



Being a pioneer since 1935, and later, since 1958, more focused on the automotive segment, the UNIDADE ANCHIETA unit has its history linked to the development of the automotive industry in Brazil, being an essential partner in major projects since the emergence of the first automakers in the country.

Currently, this unit is among the most prepared facilities to meet the automotive parts market, aggregating tradition and high technology in manufacturing of small to large stamped components, laser cutting, MIG / MAG welding machines, welding point, welding electrode and welding projection, in addition to a dedicated line of liquid and powder paint, with a capacity for parts of up to 200kg

Located in São Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, DELGA has a large and modern unit, which is equipped with presses up to 2,000 tons capacity. The plant aims to meet the demand of the local industrial poles, composed by automakers, electric-electronics makers, home appliances and agricultural implements makers, in addition to automotive parts.

With a privileged location on the South area of the country, São Leopoldo unit exports its product line, also to the MERCOSUR countries.
 Unity - São Leopoldo

  Unity Jarinu

It's the newest and most modern unit of Delga Group, located in Jarinu with a total area of 110,000 m², with 10,500 m² already built. The unit started its operations in January 2014.

Productive Capacity: 1,2600,000 hits per month

The highlight of this unit is the process in the 2500 Ton Transfer Press, Progressive and with Robotic Welding Cells.

The company is ISO TS 16949 and ISO 14001 certified, which confirms its dedication and commitment to quality management and the environment.